Meet The Valleywood Fit Girls

Funny, motivated, inspiring, fearless’….just some of the many terms used by fans to describe a group of women who decided to change their lives one exercise at a time! Founded in 2009, the Valleywood Fit Girls aka “The VFGs” have thousands of fans across the nation on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and  the Valleywood Fit Girls Club Web site.

With over 100+ videos on Youtube, the VFG webisodes cover a wide range of topics, including everything from working in the entertainment industry, to beauty, fitness, dating, family and more! Celebrity sightings are not uncommon on our site as we have featured several celebrities in our webisodes. In addition, we have a Q&A segment called Ask VFG and we host guest hikes in the warmer months and all are welcome to attend.

Current members include:

We’ve created an online phenomenon like no other and we are passionate about entertaining and educating women of color from around the world. Click here to watch an episode.

Former Valleywood Fit Girl Members

We are forever grateful for all the love and support that we received over the years and are especially grateful for the contribution of past members, Kam “The Stunna” Horne and Tanjareen “The Veggie Vixen” Martin and wish them continued success in all their endeavors.

Kam Horne
The Stunna
Tanjareen Martin
The Veggie Vixen

Honorary Members
Shout out to our friends that have supported the Valleywood Fit Girls from it’s inception. Our sisters include:

Porscha Coleman
Elise Neal – Actress Porscha Coleman –
Recording Artist & Actress
Jes Meza – Actress
VFGs: Cecily, Bernie, Claudia, Tanjareen and Kam Founding VFGs: Cecily, Bernie, Claudia, Tanjareen and Kam


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