Bernadette Manansala – THE FOUNDER

by VFG on July 31, 2009

This aspiring songwriter decided that 2009 would be her year of change and with that she started making a conscious effort to drink less, eat healthier and work-out weekly.  She soon realized that living in the “Valley” has it’s benefits when it comes to outdoor fitness locations and she chose a popular Canyon hiking path to help her stay in shape. Soon after extending invites to the other girls, Bernie began documenting the VFG excursions for the sole purpose of inspiring others online to get fit. With renewed sense of self-confidence, this musical powerhouse has begun showcasing her talents and commanding the attention of major music industry execs!

Bernadette has worked for over 10 years successfully as a Celebrity Personal Assistant to various high-profile artists, such as “The King of Funk,” Rick James, Actress Tisha Campbell-Martin, Actress Malinda Williams, Actor Duane Martin, Recording Artist Al B. Sure!, Actress/Model Krista Allen, Recording Artist/Music Producer Mams Taylor and Actor Mekhi Phifer just to name a few. And also worked as a Creative Director for Music Producer Marcus Bell, known as the “Bellringer”. Currently working as an Artist Representative in Los Angeles City with one of the most sought out Booking Agency.  And also working in International Booking as an independent contractor. And currently working as a producer for a singing group tour. And as a Mododella Fashion spokeswoman for 2013. And expanding her many hidden skills as an editor and a still-photographer for studio work.  A testament to her work ethic and dedication, she still keeps a great rapport with the celebrities she has worked for over the years.

Prior to her employment as one of Hollywood’s most sought after Celebrity Assistants, Bernadette was a featured dancer on “Soul Train” for several years. Although acting was never her thing, Bernadette has made appearances on TV shows such as “Family Matters,” “Malcolm and Eddie,” “Dangerous Minds,” “Caroline in the City,” “Buffy The Vampire.” “Homeboys From Outer Space”.  And movies such as “Conspiracy Theory”, “Doc mo shé”.

Bernadette has accomplished a lot, but still looks forward to achieving her personal goals and she’s grateful to share this journey to attain a better and healthier lifestyle with her fellow Valleywood Fit Girls.

Bernadette’s Motto: “Too Vain, To Gain” 2009

STATUS: Single

SIGN: Scorpio

STRENGTHS: Magnetic, Perfectionist, Creative, Motivator, Loyal, Reliable, Independent, Very Giving & Compassionate

WEAKNESSES: Chocolate Ice Cream, Hats & Sunglasses, Great smile, Beautiful eyes & Dimples

MEASUREMENTS: 34B-24-36   |   5′5″   |   120 lbs.   |   shoes 8 1/2   |   pants 24

FITNESS GOALS: My goal is to lose a few inches off of my waist, thighs and hips and tone my arms, thighs and legs. I’m working on developing a six pack…slowly but surely.

 My World

“Remember When You Were Mine” Part 1

“Remember When You Were Mine” Part 2


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  1. Monica says:


    You are not 42!!!!! You don’t look a day over 30. I’m coming to the next guest day.


  2. Rasheda says:


    So so SO proud of you!!! All of you are doing great and looking incredible!!
    I know you are inspiring so many people…great to see beautiful women joining together and doing things that are positive! Love it!!

  3. Mikki says:

    Bernie this is awesome girl! I am sooo proud of you….stay focused and keep it moving mama. Yesssss Indeeeed! Lol

  4. Cecily says:

    Love you Bernie – you the bomb girl!

  5. Carlos Demond says:

    The VFGC is A Great Group of Women Bernie the fact that you started this and its rapidly gaining momentum is just Great you always show love and support your friends thats amazing and I had the honor of actually participating in a hike 1st hand and I can truly say you ladies mean business Beautiful and Professional in every way showing that Beauty and Fitness are a Great Combo

    Much Love Carlos

  6. Toni Barnes says:


  7. Jasmine Dade says:

    You rock Bernie! You are an amazing woman. 🙂 I hope you know how fabulous you are! You are a positive light in the lives of everyone who is fortunate enough to know you! Keep shining and rising to the top! Love you! xoxo

  8. Jae Hall says:

    Heyyy Bernie!! You look REALLY good a dn I appreciate you and all the ladies for keeping up the hard work in maintaining your mind, body, and spirits! All a sista want to know (real talk), is if I cna not only be a “guest”, but if you can work with me and sponsor me to help with my weight loss? I need to lose about 60 lbs, and I am a Army veteran who fell off a little! All I need is the motivation and company. Get @ ME!

  9. Ron Cornelius says:

    Hello Bernadette, You Know I Just Had To Say Something. Been Bragging On You Today. Your Light Is Shining Bright. Keep Up The Good Work. GOD BLESS.

  10. Randy Donaldson says:

    Bernadette…..I see u & the ladies are stepping up your game : ), moving to a different level…

  11. Shondu Lowrance says:

    Thats what im talking about.

  12. Colette says:

    London Fit Girls Club
    Basic Info
    Name:London Fit Girls Club
    Category:Sports & Recreation – Fitness & Exercise
    Description:A group of like minded individuals, who meet up on a weekly basis to go through a strenous fitness routine, led by Colette and Lorna. We have fun and get to look good too…. Inspired by the Valleywood Fit Girls Club founded by Bernadette Manansala…. Thanks Bernie for your inspiration!

    Remember if you want to be Vain you got to feel the Pain!

  13. Shondu Lowrance says:

    Hey Baby girl, Thank you for da love, I can feel it. VFG wears the Take Charge line well, and you girls look unstoppable. For u and da crew Much love and a squeeze Hug
    Motivational Apparel, Inspirational Clothing, Motivational Fashions – Take Charge New York, NY

  14. Colette Worksfromhome says:

    Bernie Thank your for sharing, your inspiration has inspired a Fit Girls Club here in the UK…… photos will start to come soone when we get as fit as you all 🙂 Thanks for sharing the love and inspiration… Colette

  15. Tisha Campbell Martin says:

    Heeeey Bernie love ya chick

  16. Margo Williams says:

    Looking FABULOUSSSSSSSS!!!!!

  17. Shearill Brown says:

    Get it B…I love your confidence and swagger….You guys are getting it in…I might have to get a special invite and see if I can learn something….Keep shinning!!!

  18. Ron Cornelius says:

    Bernadette, those are some beautiful pictures that we’ve been enjoying these past few days, of you, your family & friends. You all exhibit so much love & happiness. Such a wonderful example of how we should enjoy one another. Keep shining, because someone can see your light. “TO GOD BE THE GLORY”. Praying for you always.

  19. Melissa Orona Holguin says:

    B! When am I gonna get to go and not be a fan? 🙂

  20. Eric Lamar Wade says:

    Up, up and away, Super B! Shh, you’re so tough, you don’t need a cape; I believe you can fly, angel:)

  21. Sharif Reid says:


  22. Odile Elenasalut says:

    Tu as des superbes photos vraiment magnifique …je t avoue c est un plaisir de regarder puis vous me motiver pour le sport (pris 7 kg) impossible de les perdre zut zut et zut kiss…..

  23. Shawn Deadah says:

    what up B? need a kick ass fitness trainer to punish you and ya gurlz? scream @me

  24. Forditude Ringo Ford says:

    You have alot of good looking friends anyone of them looking for a Single Brother with skills and no drama or children or record. Smile…….. Amen

  25. Rick George says:

    Lookin’ good, B 🙂

  26. Cassie Burrell says:

    Looking good girl! keep it up…maybe I will getthe energy to join in next round…lol

  27. Melinda Noel Tarver says:

    B! God loves U Girl!!! It shows in how U treat people. & the way ur friends luv U. U’ve shown the GOD. Thank U

  28. Enrico Mari Gregoi says:

    i need a personal trainer like you

  29. Charlena Green says:

    I hope to see u soon and join your work out.. so inspiring mi amor!! miss and luv you

  30. Ricky James says:

    Miss You

  31. Kenneth Johnson says:

    What’s up? You and the Valleywood Fit Girls KEEP it up!

  32. Qhalane Mofokeng says:

    Hi Berni, looking forward to 2 hearing yo music works…

  33. Dale A. Jennings says:

    Hey supastahhhh…been a minute. The ladies of vfg seem to be on a roll. Pray much more success and FUN for all of ya…

    Shalom 🙂

  34. Lwaisa Waltower says:

    You’re already a leader and a trooper!!!

  35. Henry Colquitt says:

    you have a beautiful spirit

  36. Ep Mcknight says:

    Blessings and success, I send to you!!

  37. Cyprian Onderi says:

    We will always love u Berna, and keep up with your good work with the VFG.

  38. Georgia Mc Lean says:

    Your a big fam with big plans. LOL.

  39. Michael Jason Scott says:

    Can I just be your bodyguard?

  40. Howard Helfgott says:

    Wow Movie Star ! can i get an autograph pls 🙂

  41. Anita Love says:

    girl, i wanna be like u when i grow up!

  42. Kam Horne says:

    I’m so blessed to have such a talented, loyal, and caring friend in my life! You are the best Bernie and don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise. Love you girl, keep shining!!

  43. Kyle West says:

    Hi Bernadette, jus sending u some love across the miles pretty lady. Congrats with all the moves you are making Miss Mogul. Much love to u Bernadette

  44. Oliver Boogie Bake Bakerdi says:

    you are so gorgeous!

  45. Ava Jadore says:

    Alriiiiight Valleywood Finest lol…GET’EM

  46. Everett H Shockley says:

    God was on the money when he made you. im going to pray to god for one just like you. lol

  47. Tracey Barnes says:

    god made you and did the shit.

  48. Kimberly Stuart says:

    All that working out is paying off girl. You look great!

  49. Margo Williams says:

    B ~ Absolutely beautiful!!!

  50. Tamera Darvette Mowry says:

    Hot mama!

  51. Phaedra Sings says:

    pretty woman..xoxo

  52. Steve Jeffries says:

    so fly!!!

  53. Lorenzo Paschal says:

    Damn B, you got so much flava and so many looks. Lookin good ma

  54. Patrick Maxey says:

    Ms. Manansala,
    you look amazing

  55. Ravi Narine says:

    2 words…IN-CREDIBLE! xo

  56. Anele Mkulise says:

    damn u sure r sexy

  57. Monica J. McKnight says:

    Fiercely sexy! 🙂

  58. Nadia Haddad says:


  59. Heidi Marie says:


  60. Cherice Williams says:


  61. Christopher Erskin says:


  62. Tanya Freckles White says:

    Thats my dog, what up B?

  63. MaryEllen Izzy Richards says:

    Bernie Bernie Bernie I DO love your “B-Girl” stance 😛

  64. Rona Gordon says:

    I always know that I have you no matter what. I love u very much! you’re my Jelly! my bestfriend!

  65. Joycelyn McElveen says:

    miss you

  66. Maria Teresa Constantino says:

    Stay happy and beautiful as always!

  67. Jazsmin Lewis says:

    I was just looking at your pics… your such a superstar!!!

  68. Danielle Nicolet says:

    Have I mentioned that you are sooooooo F’in Awesome?

  69. Mindy Kreis says:

    You have an amazing energy and I truly love seeing you and your VFG’s inspire those around you:) ROCK IT!!! xo

  70. Seba Johnson says:

    Now… How you gonna work out a fitness plan for me since you OBVIOUSLY know your routine!!!? (Pictures don’t lie 😉

  71. André A. D. says:

    “”…. a rare black diamond in the rough, ready to shine.””

  72. Benjamin Capo says:

    beautiful bernadette =)

  73. Danika Berry says:

    Love ya B!

  74. Romeo Holloway says:

    IM A FAN.

  75. Angell Whitsett says:

    B! You and Claudia are the shyt! Keep doing your thing ladies. God bless =)

  76. Charlena Green says:

    i luv u boo…. so proud of u:) you are such an inspiration to me!!

  77. Gerri Viray says:


  78. Autumn Brown says:

    It’s great seeing how you and your “beauty crew” hang so tough !

  79. Lwaisa Waltower says:

    How’s life? I see VFG doing real well!! I think the world of you eventhough I have never met you I know a blessed individual and you certainly are.Keep that energy alive pray for me and my family

  80. Paul Adams says:

    You are an inspiration to many. Keep it pushin lady

  81. Alani Crystal Natalie Finau says:

    u know u are gorgeouse! i always check up on you! i think u are an inspiration, independent, strong herated, sexy & full of power. i feel u went through a lot in ur life…and i think you are an idol…are also stunning…for me YOU ARE the one and only STAR in that clique lol

    i adore you mamacita! stay the way you are – you are truly special!

  82. Alan Harper says:

    I see your staying in shape….. Your blessed you haven’t aged a day.

  83. Kevin Kwan says:

    my baby….

  84. Jessie Scott says:

    Your Fabulous BTW Ms.Manansala..I wish you were closer so I could Chef it up for you and your Girlzzz:-)

  85. Roy Lockhart says:

    Continue the discipline of the way u flow. I admire your stand up attitude. Thats the symbol of a leader.

  86. Henry Coquitt says:

    Bernie, I know I don’t really know you but….I believe you are special…..your spirit, wisdom and beauty are quite unique and very attractive to me. I would only hope that God would allow our paths to cross one day personally. It would be great if we could correspond.

    Blessings, much love and respect

  87. Robyn Lewis says:

    Haven’t seen you in a minute. You’re still as beautiful as ever. Hope to see you soon.

  88. Colette Worksfromhome says:

    Hey Bernie, just stopping by to thank you for the support and inspiration for us here in the UK, London Fit Girls are taking off and beginning to create a buzz. We hope to come over next summer and hike with you all VFG. Take care and keep inspiring! C x

  89. Monifah Carter says:


  90. Khamel Gates says:


  91. René Luamba says:

    You are verry beatiful
    René to Paris ( France )

  92. Johan Somosa says:

    bernie luv your so fit, i need to get like u.. my body is getting jealous!!!!

  93. Darran Matthews says:

    Bernie D is the sweetest!!!

  94. Craig Robinson says:

    I must say B, you outshine everyone in Hollywood. You have a classic beauty that one rarely sees nowadays.

  95. Elliot Allen says:

    You are a superstar, and i am a big fan. I wish you all the happiness
    this day brings. Namaste!

  96. Shari Headley says:

    Bernadette!!!! How are you lovely??? Happy Holidays! xoxo ♥

  97. Craig Robinson says:

    Hi Bernie. You have been a cool cyber friend the last 3 years, starting with myspace. I just wanted to share with you how much you mean to me. You always have positive thoughts, a beautiful smile and amazing energy!!! I don’t write often but I read your post and view your pics. It’s crazy how someone can affect you and they don’t know it. You have motivated me many times the last 3 years and I thank you!!! I hope to meet you one day and tell you in person. Until then, happy holidays and God bless!

    I will definitely join you guys on a Valley Wood hike this spring!

  98. Keesha Rowe says:

    WOW Lady…..what an INSPIRATION! Beauty, Brains, Connectivity and Hustle….I love you! Thank you for sharing your movement with the world… Hope to see the VFG’s at the top of many mountains!


  99. Eric L. Wade says:

    Sheepishly speaking, I never quit loving me some B! I admire you girl, especially for the movement you’ve created in VFG. Just look how you’ve helped in uplifting many women to empower themselves. Just love strong, independent women cause it inspires me to step my game to higher levels and we can all do the successful mountaintop thing together! Damn B, EW is amped up! Let’s roll, honey!

  100. HI THERE,




  101. Dennis Elias Beltran says:

    Bernadette U rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Jay Valen says:

    Stunning Bernadette.

  103. Phillip Jett says:

    ur beauty makes me speechless…

  104. Sarah Jo Martin says:

    Hey there! Remember my crazy ass? Im still singing n still crazy! Looks like ya’ll r on a MISSION. Congrats DIVA! Im lookin 4 Monica. Have her call me. 541 418 1780.Keep in touch pleeeez!!!

  105. Calvin Carson says:

    Bernadette Manansala ~Valleywood Fit Girls.Founder. How great is that for someone as sexy and captivating to step out of the box and say I want my friends and alike to be healthy and live within peace of themselves. The highest of accolades I give to you …it is with “GLEE” to add you into my “GREAT PROFILES” Okay no more GERMAN CHOCOLATE cake for me until next time… “WOW”

  106. Farrah Franklin says:

    Love you Gorgeous !!!! Xoxo

  107. Lwaisa Waltower says:

    I know that everything you’ve ever dreamed will soon come to pass. You are a special person who has inspired and changed so many lives. Much love to you queen

  108. Leslie says:

    You look gorgeous and your friends as well. I am glad you didnt alter yourself like your friend RVG 😉