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How do I jumpstart my fitness routine?

by VFG on November 23, 2010

Hi Cecily, My name is Cecily also. I’m an actress and I live in Reseda, Ca.  I am a fan of the valley-wood fits girls club and was really inspired by everything you and your friends stand for. I wanted to know if you have any tips or guidance for someone who has the talent […]


Vitamins: Which are Weight Loss Worthy?

by Tanjareen on September 8, 2009

Hi ValleywoodFit Girls, Any of u have suggestions as far as vitamins/supplements for weight loss to combine w/ my diet & exercise?? Dear Vita-Searcher, Good for you for combining diet & exercise to reach your weight loss goals!  As far as vitamins go, there aren’t any that I specifically recommend.  Most bottled vitamins are not […]

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Ask VFG: Seeking Skin Care Suggestions

by Tanjareen on September 1, 2009

Hi Tanjareen, A long time ago, L. Marie had shared that U got facials @ Burke Williams to maintain your beautiful skin and facial complexion. At times, I have minor acne breakouts. What treatment(s) do you get @ Burke Williams or have U moved on to a another place that gives awesome facials to maintain […]


I’m A Black Woman with an Eating Disorder

by Claudia on August 24, 2009

Good Morning VFGC! I like what you are going and you give me hope. I am currently 80 pounds over weight. I have been battling bulimia most of my life. I am African American. I know that eating disorder have only been viewed as a white problem, but it is very much a black problem […]

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