Pescetarian Challenge – Day #7 for Cecily

by Cecily on August 8, 2009

It’s the last day of the challenge, and all I can say is I MADE IT BIIIIAAATCHES! I’d love to say that this challenge was hard for me but it wasn’t. The carb challenge, or fast will kick my behind. My last dish was a Shrimp combo dish. Did I tell you how much I […]


Pescetarian Challenge – Day #6 for Cecily

by Cecily on August 7, 2009

Dear Diet Fairy, Yesterday was Day #6, and well I got really tired of making those banana smoothies!  I decided to try something different with homemade hashbrowns and healthy brown rice. Again, I hadn’t done much shopping for the week, so I decided to hit up Trader Joe’s and pick up a few items for […]

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Pescetarian Challenge – Day #4 for Cecily

by Cecily on August 4, 2009

Dear Diet Fairy, It’s Day #4 and well I am happy to report that I am still going strong! I started the day with my usual routine of  my banana and blueberry smoothie with protein powder. That was the easy part… Today was my honey’s birthday, so I took him out to eat for lunch…but […]


Hello all! It’s Day #3 for the Pescetarian Challenge, and well I must admit, I haven’t had time to go to the grocery store so like my girl Kam Stunna, I too  have been on a “vegetarian diet” for the past four days. I survived the Vegatarian Challenge pretty well, so the Pescatarian challenge is […]


Day 2 of my “pescatarianism” diet…Raman noodles w/ vegetables. I’ve been in Bakersfield all weekend for some of my extended family’s functions and didn’t have the easiest time procuring a healthy fish dinner. This is why I was going to just start my diet when I got back in town on Monday….but then I heard […]


This week, the VFG challenged each other to eat “FISH” all week…however, in Bernadette’s case, she does not eat any seafood. Despite Claudia catching her enjoying a quesadilla on the first day of the challenge, and admitting to eating a Turkey melt, Bernie took the exposé in stride and went shopping for the week…

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