Cecily Jamelia – THE GO GETTER

by Cecily on August 1, 2009

Hard work and perseverance are no strangers to this 30-something single mother of two. As a young mother and wife, Cecily struggled to finish school. After the end of  her marriage and very few options to support herself, Cecily relied on her skills as an artist and writer to make ends meet. Little did she know, growing up in a household of “techies” would also provide a solid and promising career in the “Dot Com” industry.

Fast forward to 2004; Cecily starts a successful marketing  and entertainment consultancy in Los Angeles. Not only is Cecily a prominent publicist to the stars, and partner of two Web companies, but she’s also an aspiring comedienne, and very aware that looking good is just as important as a business card.

Maintaining healthy eating habits is that much harder for this busy lady so Cecily definitely makes time for her VFG work outs! Staying focused on her children while pursuing her dreams is second nature to this go-getter, so she naturally fell right in step with the others! Cecily has lost over 18lbs since she became a member, and hopes to lose 10lbs more to reach her goal weight.

STATUS: Divorced mother of two

SIGN: Aries

STRENGTHS: Hardworking, upbeat, optimistic, adventurous and loyal

WEAKNESSES: Pizza, perfectionist, a good white wine,  not easily entertained, prefers to workout with others

MEASUREMENTS: 34C-27-41   |   5’9″   |   147 lbs.   |   size 7/8   |   pants 33

FITNESS GOALS: I love my curves, I am not trying to lose them! My goal is to lose inches off of my waist, thighs and hips and tone my arms.


Cecily Jamelia




  1. Bernadette says:

    Love u too girl! Let’s keep it movin’….there’s no stoppin’ us now!

  2. John Castillo says:

    Hey big sis, I am very proud of you. I remember when this was just talk among your friends. I see your effort, and hope that you are having fun while working hard. I know how you get, especially when people don’t recognize the skills. Luv ya! c/o 02′

  3. Damian Love says:


    Mad proud of you putting it down reppin the 916 and most importantly your health. Keep on it and the result are shining through. So will, some won’t and some just want to be flabby asses…lmao…not my homegirl Cece. One day I’m going to have to get on mine. I will say, when I see you all doing your thing, yes, been checking the twts and fb notes, I know I need to get on mine. Keep doing your thing, I NEED INSPIRATION! 😉 Then you will have to root me on to do my thing…lol…Much success, drive and achievement to you all!


  4. Todd Walker says:

    What’s good CJ! It’s nice to see sista’s taking good care of themselves, while also holding things down for your kids. If you don’t feel good about yourself physically and mentally then you’ll be counter-productive in your goals. Every man likes for their woman to be fit and trim, unfortunately many sisters
    forget about staying in shape after they get their man. Keep doing your thing becuase from viewing your pic’s I would have never guess you have two kids….. GREAT JOB!

  5. Carlos Demond says:

    Hey I was actually Fortunate to Hike With VFG Crew my 1st weekend In Cali and Cec is Def A Sweetheart but on top of that She def was working hard so Keep up the Great work Cec Stay Sweet and yes fellas, In person She looks Great, pics dont give you the full effect of how Sexy She Is!! yeah had to put that out there, Cec dont beat me up but hey inquiring minds wanted to know lol


  6. Prince Baggett says:

    Keep it going I love this… Lookin quite fly as well… I hope you all keep on going I know for sure its a lifetime journey… Congrats….

  7. Jason Lubas says:

    There’s nothing hotter than a funny, beautiful, hard-working woman. I admire your strengths. Keep it up!

  8. sher says:

    Hey Cec…..you got those ten pounds girl although you look fabulous! I hope you guys have
    A guest day before I go back to teaching and running my after school program!!!! Keep Up the awesome work! ~sher

  9. Wyatt Wiggins says:


  10. B.C. from Facebook says:

    First thank you for adding me to your page. I saw you guys on ValleyFitGirls. Just stumbled on it. Is this a pubic show or just online? We need to see more of “us” lol working out and staying healthy. You had mention on one of the videos that you were a comedian! I love comedy. It’s hard to put dialog together and flow with a great punch & knowing how to deliver. I saw your video! Awesome! I will have to show all of my friends! How long have you been doing this? Have you ever come to Atlanta? Excuse me if you are well known, I don’t get out much or watch much TV. (single mom/entrepreneur) You are good. I will need to get to one of your shows! Too bad I’m not in CA, but I have friends that are, will share. I love to support great talented people. Great Day to you. Enjoy

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  13. Greeting’s Cecily…I came across VFG on Facebook. I must say as a Newly Single Mom of 3 ( currectly going through a Divorce) your Bio stood out. It’s really inspiring and keep up the great Work!!

  14. L Dukes Jr. says:

    Cecily Is So So Beautiful…..

  15. Chi Chi Anyanwu says:

    You’re doing great girl! I can see the difference : )

  16. Daugne Keith says:

    thanks c im gonna hike with you all as soon as i get my metablism up im doing a gang of cardio right now my friend nacole went with yall this weekend.

  17. Mahasin Regina Saleem says:

    I must say Yall (VFG) were incredibly sweet and welcoming. Thanks for the invite and allowing us to be apart of this fitness for life experience!!

  18. Wyatt Lateef Wiggins says:


  19. Kim Marie Johnson says:

    Congrats Cecily! I can see the difference, you look great!

  20. Cyprian Onderi says:

    Gal power or Michelle Obama gunz Cec?

  21. Beth Payne says:

    Don’t hurt nobody lady! You Ladies have been putting in much work!

  22. Shondu Lowrance says:

    Thanks for the love Cecily

  23. Shayna McGibbon says:

    I told my GF who is a marathon runner your “To Vain to Gain” and she wants to put that on the back of her shirt for when she runs the marathon here in Las Vegas in December….she told me to tell you she was stealing. 🙂

  24. Anthwaune Greene says:

    Showing Mad Love to you Cecily!

  25. Jason Taylor says:


  26. Jay Monaco says:

    Thats what i’m talking about..work it out girl!

  27. Eric Lamar Wade says:

    The busy world of Cecily’s empire continues……….

  28. Janice Sequeira-Higgins says:

    Hi Cecily, Came across the Valleywood Fit Girls Club website and as a go-getter myself clicked with your story. Namaste.

  29. Eldridge Monie says:

    Looking good Lady!!!

  30. Eric Arrington says:

    milk does a body good

  31. Sean Williams says:


  32. Ava Jadore says:

    seductive look

  33. Rick George says:

    Schmokin’ 🙂

  34. Brent 苗森 Musson says:


  35. Sharee Griffin says:

    Cec lookin all beautiful

  36. Eric Ricks says:

    Keep Pushing the Best is Yet to COME.

  37. Jonathan C. Geter says:

    very inspirational!

  38. Nicolas Coutour says:


  39. Jay Monaco says:

    love your determination. god bless

  40. Jes Meza says:

    awww so proud of you chica

  41. Ava Jadore says:

    HAUTENESS love the new hair cut

  42. Janita Diggins says:

    lookin good girl!!

  43. Lillian Smith says:

    Uh oh baby got back!
    Keep up the GOOD work Cecily !!

  44. Coi Mattison says:

    Who’s that lady? Work it Cecily!!!

  45. Sheneka Woods says:

    hot mama!!!! when you gon’ invite ya girl to come hang with a superstar!!!!lol

  46. Tammy Alvarez says:

    When and where are these hikes!?? (Spaghetti Strap arms)! lol

  47. Cynthia Macon- Carrington says:

    I’m Lovin your hair girl!!!!!!

  48. Donray Von says:

    A Sweetheart

  49. Jesse Lewis IV says:

    cec, u look hot

  50. Tam Wiggins says:

    U go girl!

  51. Kristine Taylor says:

    Keep doing your thang Cecily! I may need you in the future..

  52. Sofia Stanley says:


  53. Dee Dee Safford says:

    You look great!!

  54. Nacole Williams says:

    Simply Beautiful

  55. Jason Houston says:

    U look cute

  56. Divina Tina says:

    you look GREAT!!!

  57. Sheneka Woods says:

    hot mama

  58. Gregory Brown says:

    “Lady C..don’t believe I ever saw the long hair. I had only seen the short cut since we’ve been Friends. Nice..”

  59. Amberr Washington says:

    YOu look beautiful

  60. Bernadette says:


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