I’m A Black Woman with an Eating Disorder

by Claudia on August 24, 2009

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Good Morning VFGC!
I like what you are going and you give me hope. I am currently 80 pounds over weight. I have been battling bulimia most of my life. I am African American. I know that eating disorder have only been viewed as a white problem, but it is very much a black problem as well. I want to get healthy the right way and if you could give tips that would be helpful. I have been saying for years I am going to get my weight together. I am 36 yrs old going to school to be a nurse practitioner( i should know better right!). I have a very large hiatel hernia and endometriosis and I know my weight is why the pain has become worse. I am tired of pain killers and I am tired of being the odd ball in my family. My husband is 30 yrs old and athletic and my son is 16 and slim and athletic. I now I have a 2yr old daughter that i can’t keep up with and would like to. I just want to know the exercises you have been doing. I know what I need to eat.

Thank You,
Battling Bulimia

Dear Battling Bulimia,
We sympathize with your condition. You’re right, Bulimia is often ASSUMED to be something that isn’t a “black thing” which must make it more difficult to speak out about it so kudos to you for your bravery. Now first we have to suggest that you speak with your physician to see if you are healthy enough to work out and what level you can start at. I’m pretty sure at the very least you can start incorporating more walking into your daily routine. There are simple things you can do like take the stairs instead of the elevator (within reason of course). Also lunges and the scanners we demonstrated on the Valleywood page. You can start with those until you find out if you are ready for some light jogging. But the ValleyWood girls CANNOT stress enough you need to speak to your doctor first since you do have some medical conditions. And as far as your bulimia is concerned I would suggest getting into a support group with others that share your plight. I think talking about it and sharing your experiences with others that can relate to you will help you start your healing process. Thank you for opening up to us and for getting on board the “BETTER LIVING” bandwagon. You can do it!

VFG Gal Claudia


  1. Tanjareen says:

    Great advice, Claudia!