VFG Claudia & Bernie Hikes with Director/Writer Ingeborg Eiland

by VFG on August 28, 2012

VFG Claudia & Bernie with guest, Writer/Director (Films) Inga Eiland hiking at Fryman Canyon in Studio City, CA.

Ingeborg “Inga” Eiland’s Biography

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Ingeborg attended Northern High School in Detroit, Michigan where she excelled at Varsity Basketball, Volleyball and Track and Field. She also earned a bachelors degree in psychology with a specialization in film studies at Michigan State University. She immediately began perfecting her career with her first major film production “Diary of a Champion“. She is the co-owner of I.C.E. Dreamed Films and CA Platinum Records.

Check it out!

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  1. Crazylifethatis Alarick T says:

    Looking great ladies (as usual). ;^)

  2. Cecily Jamelia says:

    LOL! Thanks for the shout out! All you guys are winded, lord I can only imagine how tired I am going to be hitting the hill.