Master Cleanse Day #2

by Cecily on August 27, 2009

It’s Day #2 and I am feeling ok. Sort of loopy, not hungry but definitely jealous of the people that eat to get eat pizza tonight…Pizza is my favorite. I can’t believe they did me like that!

~ Cecily Jamelia


  1. Sharee says:

    Thats a cold game…. arent u glad you have the love and complete support of your family? LoL I’ve done that cleanse 3 times and wait til tomorrow, you are gon REALLY be loopy and think you are losing your mind. Course day 7 is when things get calm cuz u know you aren’t hungry, just want to eat LoL Hold strong Ceci….i’ve got your back home slice


  2. Bernie says:

    SOOOOO WRONG!!!! move out now! pack your bags and go! get away from temptation! LOL…i can smell it a mile away….

  3. Jan Land says:


  4. Jamie Nieto says:

    Hold stead fast…you will be happier and healthier in the end…Good luck…its hard but if it was easy people wouldnt be so greazy..(over weight)… hahaha..

  5. Taiwo Lawrence says:

    How many days cleanse are you doing?..I am praying for you.. I tried a one day was so safe!! I could actually smell the pizza!

  6. Cynthia Macon- Carrington says:

    Girl..don’t pizza was only for those with Camaros….you have a Camaro? lol lol. Wow!! The Master cleans is deep. I barely got thru my detox and I ate fruit and salads. Good Luck! You can do it! It is for 16days?

  7. Rodney Jackson says:

    lol..I’ve been on this cleanse..Food looks so much better when your on it..

  8. Cynthia Macon- Carrington says:

    @Cec…I guess I could have watched the video first…huh? Your son said “Where’s the parmesean”? I fell out my seat crackin up cause he put extra on you not eating that pizza…and ur face at the end of the vidwo…PRICELESS!!

  9. Nacole Williams says:

    Hilarious!! I understand! I understand! Last time i did it,friends came over with pizza 2! But they were a little wrong for puttn it all up in your face like that.