Cecily’s Master Cleanse Day #3

by Cecily on August 27, 2009

Hey guys,

Today was a good day for me, until our VFG meeting tonight. I was content on sippin my miracle elixer…until Claudia walked in with Indian Food. Now I don’t even like Indian Food, but this particular night it smelled amazing! Temptation grew worse as someone broke open the Chardonay. Which had me thinking about a Master Cleanse Cocktail?? Apparently Vince Vaughn has orderd it so often a waitor at The Beverly Hills Hotel has dubbed the drink The Vince Vaughn. Which brings me to the notion, and am I doing this for cleansing or to lose weight? Is one contigent upon the other? IDK, I’ll have to ask Tanjareen.

Later that night, I ended up at Comedy Union to support my girl Torrei Lynn Hart’s 1 year Comedy Anniversay. I was really nervous because comedy clubs are just synonymous with friend food and alcohol! But guess what I didn’t want any…sweet! Thereafter, we headed to a taping of Ray J’s reality show, For The Love of Ray J…again, nothing!  I think I will make it!

I do feel, however, the cleanse has effected my mental clarity, patience and emotional stability. My patience wore thin at the VFG meeting, and I’ve found myself to be a bit unorganized lately, but all in all, I am plugging away, come on Day 4!

Cecily Jamelia

Official VFG Business

Official VFG Business




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