Cecily’s Master Cleanse Days 4 & 5

by Cecily on August 31, 2009

My apologies for the late post. I’ve been working non-stop for the past few days, so I haven’t had a chance to share my Master Cleanse horrors.

Friday seemed to start off pretty really well, no hunger or joint pain, but all things changed that evening when I attended Norwood Young’s Michael Jackson Tribute/Event. I had such a horrible pain it felt like an organ had detached from my body followed by an uncontrollable urge to go to the restroom. I won’t share the details but, I literally had only a few minutes to rectify the situation or else…


Saturday was equally as trying because I spent 9 hours on set, but only packed 3 lemons. Craft services was pretty stale by the time I made it to the room, but I was so hungry I picked up a piece of chicken, put it in my mouth, and felt sick before I could even tear it from the bone. I spit it our immediately, and asked for another bottled water. I had about 6 bottled waters with Cayenne that day.

How do I feel? Svelte and light, as I am definitely losing weight. Major losses reported in my upperbody, mostly my waist and abs. I wish I could FEEL like this all the time. Ribs are poking thru and thighs are slimming, My face as well. I guess those are the first places to go.

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  2. Greg Mitchell says:

    Way to go Cecily!

  3. Tanjareen says:

    Wow, Cec, I had no idea you were going thru all of that at Norwood’s party. You’re good at keeping things together on the inside. Congrats on your svelteness!

    PS Great Mental Note. 😀

  4. Christine Fox says:

    Based upon that pic, it looks like the senna tea is kicking in!
    *transferred from from Facebook*

  5. Theresa Blackwell-Graves says:

    The bathroom is definitely your best friend while doing this cleanse. Hang in there your doing great!
    *transferred from from Facebook*

  6. Samone Nandi says:

    Mad at this one…girl yep a good ole fashioned cleanse will do it all the time??!!!