Pole Dancing for Fitness Part 2

by VFG on September 10, 2009

The key to working out is changing the stimulus…and we couldn’t think of a more stimulating than Pole Dancing! VFG member Cecily watched the fun footage of Tanjareen, Kam and Bernie giving the  pole dancing workout a try, so she decided to give it a try too at Allure Dance & Fitness Studio in Los Angeles, CA.

Led by Instructor/Owner Nicole Williams (in the teal scarf), VFGs Tanjareen and Cecily were given different challenges to match their respective skill levels. Cecily’s friend Tyeesha, another novice was in attendance too!

We started the class off with the Booty Quake

After almost an hour of instruction both Cecily & Ty are ready to show their first pole dance tricks.

And for the FINALE….

Special Thanks to Nicole Williams of Allure Dance & Fitness Studio in Los Angeles, CA.
For more information about classes at her studio please visit www.poledanceallure.com
or call (310) 343-9757.



  1. Bernadette says:


  2. James Marsh says:

    LOL Tanjareen just spreadin for the camera I love it. You guys did a good job

  3. Gregory says:

    I want see Tanjareen do her thang up in the air while she’s skydiving. LOL

  4. Make it do what it do girls. Sometimes you gotta TAKE CHARGE .lol

  5. Chicken Choker says:

    That girl with the blue rag on her head, is she the instructor? WHOA

    You girls need to stop teasing with this viedo.

  6. Dexter Dreamriser Tugwell says:

    Look at Tanjareen lol,always outrageous,thats my girl right there lol.

  7. Leslie D. Settles says:


  8. Jennifer Gordon says:

    Oh my!!!!!

  9. Nichole Clinton says:

    Do your thang girls

  10. Alicia Butterfield says:

    Looks like you had fun…lol

  11. Sharee Griffin says:

    LAWD yall had me rollin’. I almost threw singles at my screen a few times. U was bout to make some change up in here LoL

  12. Alicia Butterfield says:

    This gave me a good laugh….

  13. Jenna Fallica says:

    HA! Love it Cecily…look at the faces you were making.

  14. Tracey Pennywell says:

    Cuzzin you better work — I hope this runs in the family. lol

  15. Gregory Brown says:

    Lawdi lawdi….

  16. Tariq Channell says:

    ok, might skip the fight and go to the strip club…thanks for the distraction Cicely! lol

  17. Gregory Brown says:


  18. Hassan Jamal says:

    Cecily, grt work out tape! give Jane Fonda a run for her money! have you chk out Be-Movies fb grp yet? we have some crazy funny vids coming up. chk out & join if you like.
    35 minutes ago

  19. Breunna Wiggins says:

    Love it cousin…You really did excellent;)

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