VFG – Fan Appreciation Day

by VFG on April 24, 2010

Part 1 We want to thank all of our guests who joined us on our hike today. We are so proud of all of you! Good job! Looking forward to hiking with all of you next month! Until then, keep it positive & stay healthy. -vfg


Kam & Bernie goes on a hike & talks briefly about dating & relationships….. “If you can’t come correct…don’t come at all!”  FALL BACK! LOL Another match in tennis (Same day….) yes, we’re very active! Kam was being instructed by some cool guy….Go Kam Stunna!


VFG – Kam vs. Bernie – Got Game???

by Bernadette on November 6, 2009

We haven’t been active lately as a group, but VFG members, Kam & Bernie are switching up with their game. Tennis anyone??? Bernie warming up: Kam shows off her tennis skills…and moves! After a great work-out…Kam treated Bernie for her Birthday dinner at Rocco’s in Studio City. (Thanks so much Kam!)   Yours truly, vfgs: […]


VFG Sisters supporting each other!

by Bernadette on October 12, 2009

The VFGs supporting fellow VFG member Cecily at her LAUNCH MONDAYS. This is what sisterhood is all about! Claudia arriving at the event….(Someone has been feeling giddy lately!!! ummmmm…..) who’s making this Beauty Queen smile? Tanjareen wanting to ride a horse! Claudia joining Tanj on a horse ride too…  


Vfgs are always running late…LOL…Kam couldn’t wait another 11 mins ’cause she has an audition in Sta. Monica, so she ended up hiking on her own…. Bernie bumped into Music Producer, Angel Red Cecily made it! 30 mins late….hahaha….and Claudia sends a message to Kam Stunna…. Kam left us a surprise!….      


VFG Bernie's New DO! 10.04.09/10.25.09

by Bernadette on October 4, 2009

There it goes….bye bye! Can’t change my mind now….Witness the actual chop! LOL HAHA!!! Buzz time! Gotta get high lights of course! FINISHED!!!!!! It’s a wrap! Hope noone’s disappointed…I thought I was gonna cut my hair short, maybe another time! Peace!  –vfg Bernie