VFG – CJ, Kam & B!

by VFG on May 24, 2010

VFG – Kam, Bernie & Claudia went for a hike today.  Claudia just got back from her  “Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise” Trip.  Then after the hike, they went out to eat.  Finally, watched the Magic vs Celtics game. Today’s Episode: -vfg2010


At the last minute….the girls decided to hike and enjoy the beautiful weather in Studio City today! They all went on a rampage of eating anything during Mother’s Day. So, here they are….gettin’ it in Joining them,  Bernie’s good friend, Alessa…Being productive is the way to start the week! Stay FIT with the Valleywood Fit […]


A Very Important Message From The VFGs!

by VFG on April 30, 2010



Claudia's Birthday Dinner with friends

by VFG on April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to our girl, Claudia! Wishing you all the love & happiness…. She decided to have a private and intimate dinner with her friends at Benihanas in Beverly Hills. They had a fun time. Lots of laughters, lots of jokes. And TMZ surprised Claudia by showing up and taping her event. Enjoy the show! LOL (Not […]


VFG – Sisterhood

by VFG on March 27, 2010

Hope you guys enjoy these videos….Today’s crazy episodes! PART 1 & PART 2 We want to thank all of those who constantly show us love! We love you back! -vfg2010


VFG Found the Missing Link

by VFG on December 16, 2009

VFG Cecily was missing in action for awhile. She joined her girls for a late hike today and also to catch up with the latest scoop! Boy oh boy! (Girl Talk) LOL.  We also bumped into Actress Charmaine Cruz (Check: IMDB)