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Almost Famous…Lights, Camera, VFG!

by Tanjareen on September 15, 2009

Today’s hike started off as normal as any.  Who would have thought that the VFGs would be recognized  by a successful photographer and a prominent director… Bernie clowns Tanjareen about her parking…. Tanjareen explains why…. Who’s down with the VFGs for the Guest Hike??? Tanjareen & Bernie continued to walk the trail…and surprisingly, someone said “Hi […]


VFG Facebook Fan Love

by VFG on August 8, 2009

Great comments from our fan page: Shay McKinney I sure wish we had a support system out here in Atlanta. I remember when claudia us to get everyone together for bowling now you guys are working out…Love it!!! Maybe we can get some girls together out here and get some competitions going. LOL – Q […]

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Message sent to the Valleywood Fit Girls from Cyperian: ————————- Hi Berni, i miss you and your crew. You keep me entertained and this is what i think of the rest of the crew. 1) B!—- I love you B, your unselfish nature again comes to the forefront.You are always behind the camera putting people […]

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Bernie Bumps into a few VFG Fans in St. Monica

by Bernadette on August 1, 2009

I went to a Birthday Party and some people approached me and said “Hey, you’re one of the Valleywood Fit Girls,” “I’ve seen you and your girls doin’ your thing,” “Keep up the good work.” So as I was blushing after all the compliments, I decided to embrace it. And I video taped it…Check it […]

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