Pescetarian Challenge

Pescetarian Challenge – Day #7 for Cecily

by Cecily on August 8, 2009

It’s the last day of the challenge, and all I can say is I MADE IT BIIIIAAATCHES! I’d love to say that this challenge was hard for me but it wasn’t. The carb challenge, or fast will kick my behind. My last dish was a Shrimp combo dish. Did I tell you how much I […]


Day 2 of my “pescatarianism” diet…Raman noodles w/ vegetables. I’ve been in Bakersfield all weekend for some of my extended family’s functions and didn’t have the easiest time procuring a healthy fish dinner. This is why I was going to just start my diet when I got back in town on Monday….but then I heard […]


This week, the VFG challenged each other to eat “FISH” all week…however, in Bernadette’s case, she does not eat any seafood. Despite Claudia catching her enjoying a quesadilla on the first day of the challenge, and admitting to eating a Turkey melt, Bernie took the exposé in stride and went shopping for the week…

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One VFG Member Falls Off! No sooner than we DECIDE that we are NOT going to eat meat this week, Claudia catches one of the VFG girls is caught ordering poultry! Oh the shame! Little did we realize, Bernie openly filmed herself ordering a TURKEY melt earlier that day! LOL! Come on Bernie, you can […]