VEGGIE VIXEN VISION: Supplement Schmupplement

by Tanjareen on September 8, 2009

Since I’m a big advocate for holistic health, I’m a huge antagonist for drugs.  So when it comes to taking vitamins &/or supplements, my solution is simple; Don’t!  At least not the traditional type you buy from the corner drug store.  Those are manufactured in a chemist’s lab & are synthetic to our bodies.  Which […]

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VEGGIE VIXEN VISION: Well what DO you eat?

by Tanjareen on September 1, 2009

Whenever I tell someone I’m a vegan vegetarian they respond with, “OK, but you eat chicken, right?” No, I reply.  I don’t eat animal products.  I’m a vegetarian.  They say “Oh, but you eat fish at least, right?” NO!  I’m a vegetarian.  I eat VEGE-tation.  Defeated they then ask, “Umph, then what DO you eat?” […]


VEGGIE VIXEN VISION: Why I don't eat meat

by Tanjareen on August 31, 2009

We give ourselves these dis-eases with what we put in & on our bodies. Animal flesh, animal secretions (dairy), chemicals, & negative thoughts are what create disharmony in our bodies. We’re the only animal in the kingdom that drinks the milk of another species. WTH?


Vegetarian Challenge

by VFG on July 18, 2009

We are constantly trying to challenge our bodies, but this time we tried an internal approach.  Last week we the ladies of VFG decided to go a week without consuming any meat products. Only a few of us actually went the full 7 days without meat, while others confessed to having a little  meat here […]

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