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Cecily Jamelia on That’s Fit

by VFG on April 3, 2010

VFG Member Cecily Jamelia’s story was featured on That’s Fit. Click here to read.



by Tanjareen on September 3, 2009

Wanna lose weight but you’re too lazy to work-out ?  The easiest solution is to KILL WHITEY!  No, not white PEOPLE.  (I love them.  They’re the homies.)  I mean eliminate white foods from your diet.  Say no to white salt, white sugar, white potatoes, white bread, white pasta, & white rice.  The really nutritious foods […]


VEGGIE VIXEN VISION: Well what DO you eat?

by Tanjareen on September 1, 2009

Whenever I tell someone I’m a vegan vegetarian they respond with, “OK, but you eat chicken, right?” No, I reply.  I don’t eat animal products.  I’m a vegetarian.  They say “Oh, but you eat fish at least, right?” NO!  I’m a vegetarian.  I eat VEGE-tation.  Defeated they then ask, “Umph, then what DO you eat?” […]


I’m A Black Woman with an Eating Disorder

by Claudia on August 24, 2009

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Good Morning VFGC! I like what you are going and you give me hope. I am currently 80 pounds over weight. I have been battling bulimia most of my life. I am African American. I know that eating disorder have only been viewed as a white problem, but it is very much a black problem […]

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Cecily Jamelia – THE GO GETTER

by Cecily on August 1, 2009

Hard work and perseverance are no strangers to this 30-something single mother of two. As a young mother and wife, Cecily struggled to finish school. After the end of  her marriage and very few options to support herself, Cecily relied on her skills as an artist and writer to make ends meet. Little did she […]


Kam Horne – THE STUNNA

by VFG on August 1, 2009

Juggling Marriage, kids and an Entertainment Industry career is no easy feat, but this Domestic Diva makes it look easy! Her passion for Acting, Modeling, Writing and TV /Radio Show Hosting has landed her numerous roles in Television Commercial & Print ads, Television Shows and Radio.  Kam has also recently launched a new website showcasing her […]