Tanjareen is back & guest what…we run into Ace Young – American Idol

by Bernadette on August 18, 2009

The VFGs are always full of surprises! Guess who we ran into….

Trust is the key!!!!


  1. Kam Horne says:

    AHHHHAAAAHAAAA!!!!! “Trust is the key”, hunh!!??? Yeah buddy, I know if I didn’t send my baby’s casting notice to ya’ll, I would’ve been talked about BADDDD on camera!!! LMAO!! It’s all good though ladies because time heals all…and with time and more understanding we’ll learn to trust each other more. Until then…..i’ll keep sending out proof when I have to flake!!LOL

  2. SunnyCInspired says:

    Tooo funny!! Everyone looks great keep up the good work you ladies are inspiring. When and where is the group hike this weekend?

  3. Tanjareen says:

    We don’t trust each other, but we sure coordinate our clothes nicely.

  4. Jessie Scott says:

    That’s Ace Young from American Idol on the right in the green shirt and His brother I believe.

  5. Bernadette says:

    Ur right, he did say his name was Ace…lol…hilarious.