Former VFG: Tanjareen Martin – THE VEGGIE VIXEN

by VFG on August 1, 2009

This beautiful actress/producer/host eats, sleeps and breathes fitness.  Her no holds barred approach to working-out definitely helps whip the other VFGs’ into shape!  With memorable roles in “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “Girlfriends”, “JOHNSON FAMILY VACATION”, “LOVE FOR SALE”, & “MISS MARCH”, Tanjareen’s recent on-screen characters range from prom age to late 30’s.  Therefore veganism has proven to be quite the ‘fountain of youth’ for this entertainer, and a huge inspiration to many VFG fans!!  Tanj attributes her youthful appearance and career longevity to her very healthy & sober lifestyle and we concur!!!

STATUS: A single “Celibate Nympho”

SIGN: Gemini

STRENGTHS: Uninhibited, always positive, brings fun everywhere she goes, impervious willpower

WEAKNESSES: Procrastination, obsessive compulsive, vegan desserts, doing push-ups, doesn’t workout without encouragement

LIFE STRUGGLES: Domestic violence survivor, date rape victim, gun shot victim, takes care of paraplegic father

MEASUREMENTS: 34B-25-37   |   5′9″   |   129 lbs.   |   size 4   |   pants 27


FITNESS GOALS: To tone legs & arms, strengthen lower abs & increase stamina, without losing weight



  1. Coco says:

    handle it missy! I doubt if i ever become a vegan but so much of what you guys do are inspiring. Trying to whip myself into shape. Love working out but getting started is the problem…I’ll keep checking in and will hopefully get motivated to get moving! Proud of you!

  2. F.F. says:

    just a fan of my own friend Tanj and the crew. This keeps me doing my lil workout. Tanj has always had that body though so some of us gotta work what we have- I truly adore you ladies-keep this up. all eyes are on ya!

  3. S. Lowrance says:

    Hey Tanj, Love the fitness committment. Much continued success. Continue to TAKE CHARGE.

  4. J. West says:

    Tanjareen, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. You look well. Looks like you’re having one helluva ride. Excellent! I love your photo’s Ms. Abs Of Steel. :-}

  5. T. Henderson says:

    I need to workout with yall !!!How do I get an appointment? Lol

  6. The Artisit KiKi says:

    Hey Beautiful
    I wanted to know where do you guys workout at. I would love to join you all some times.. I live in dwntn Santa Monica…… We know some of the same folks. etc… anyways.. look forward in hearing from ya mama…

    Peace and Blessings

  7. C. O. says:

    Olalaaaaaaah.Gosh she makes me LMAO.She is so funny.As a teacher i would not let her and CJ sit near each other,or else my lesson will be way to long to end.She takes on anyone and maybe anything…lol.Name it and and watch her.Am sure most guys are never sure what they are getting into……am joking.She is my darling,am sure she can make anyone feel a hero or reduce anyone to dust.So watch your steps boys.She so sweet that if she says she is not coming to my party i might as well call it off.Am sure tanj and CJ do compete on who has the most ripped abs.She’s cute.

    *transferred from Facebook*

  8. Samone Nandi says:

    Hey Ms Tanjareen….we need a ValleyGirl Fitness group here in the bay area…yall having all the fun!!! we do Body Blast at Joaquin Miller Park (stairs , trails, ect..)…my group dont want to take no pics mad at them 🙁 yall keep me inspired…love to work out with my girls the laughing helps with the pain….. (VFG doing it in a real way HEY!!!)

  9. Karim Arkeem says:

    Tanjareen give me a workout plan!

  10. Brigg Page says:

    WoW Amazing!!!

  11. Shawn Deadah says:

    abs are tight

  12. Shawnta Birt Brown says:

    Hey T!!!!!!! How r u, girl? Ur looking good girl!

  13. John DatzHott Reedburg says:

    Ooh Tanjereen — look at those abs. Looking good girl!

  14. Ava Jadore says:

    Tanj stomach is BANGIN!!!

  15. James E. West says:

    You’re my hero! How’ve you been?

  16. Jovany King says:

    you are gorgeous !!

  17. Barnabas Morton says:

    Miss you on speedy show, take care

  18. Kerrie Marshall says:

    So you got my old body. Congrats I was wondering where it went.

  19. Hope Paulk says:

    good to be so popular…

  20. Marcus D. LeGall III says:

    Just wanted to say that I’m proud of my Angel. Hang tuff Tanj! Holla!

  21. Dejon Ellis Jr says:

    You are the BOMB!…I remember you always trying to the dam thing……now you really are.

  22. Desmond Sanders says:

    What’s up tanjareen! I missed you on speedy’s comedy corner! You was the s@#t! Hope you come back and thanks for being my friend!

  23. Verde Bistro says:

    You ROCK

  24. Ron D. Harrison says:


  25. Anthony Jackson says:

    What’s up “Tanj”? So how’s life treating you? I’m waiting to see you in another bomb ass flick, keep up the good work and holla at your boy

  26. Brian Baccus says:

    Tanj, I met your sister up at the Industry Bowling league that Disco and I run and she was tellin me about your new projects, keep up the good work.

  27. Kenneth Johnson says:

    Check out my group, “Let’s Get Fit!” I post personal training tips, diet tips, exercise routines and all types of Healthy formulas to keep you fit! God Bless you and Have A Great Day! K.J.

  28. Ta'Mar Sernovya Makilan says:

    Peace and blessings to you

  29. Shelleyanne Williams says:

    Tanjareen- love that name!

  30. Charles Patrick Gooch says:

    you know I miss you like crazy!!!!! you have the best hugs in hollywood. peace and blessings beautiful

  31. Farrah Foster says:

    The girls running on the Mtn need a reality Show together. Beautiful Black women in shape!

  32. Rickey Anthony Reed says:

    Buenos Dias señorita Martin!!!
    Holla back when u get a moment….Lady wit a 1000 jobs!
    Sendin u big hugs Sawrah!!!!

  33. KwiKabou Kb Holland says:

    Just watched “Miss March”….L-O-L!! Good Job girl…

  34. Darian Braddy says:


  35. Gregory Brown says:

    First of all I want you know how much you have inspired me with your willingness to take up skydiving. I have thought about for a long time and I think now because of you I will move forward. However, I need a little favorite from you..will you take my jumps for me?

  36. Lawren Brandon Atkins says:

    Tanj, all I can say is WHOA !

  37. Quincy Lamar says:

    I see the workouts are paying off!!!!
    Nice shape

  38. Trevor Douglas says:

    I am your biggest fan. i love your enerygy…you guys are so beautiful

  39. Clifton Duncan says:

    you are funny

  40. Darren Elliot says:

    Keep rising up the top girl

  41. Jeff Glassford says:

    Hope to see you ladies one day. And you are my favorite :=)

  42. Alexis Madden says:

    U haven’t changed much, still crazy & outgoing! U go gurl!!!!!!

  43. Ava Jadore says:

    Tanj has a great body ZERO BODY FAT

  44. Ava Jadore says:

    Tanj has so much energy, so motivating

  45. Jko Odd says:

    Whats up Tangerine. You always look good

  46. Av Hurt says:

    I looovvee being a GEMINI!!!! The best sign in the world!! Hehehehehehe!!

  47. Gail Smith Harris says:

    Thx for making me feel special 🙂

  48. Keith D says:

    You were marvelous on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Not sure what that has to do with being a vegan, but I thought of carrots the whole time.

  49. Hanif Shariff says:

    Saw your cameo on CYE! Smokin hot red outfit! No show makes me laugh more than this one! Nice job!

  50. Anthony Azoy says:

    Caught you on Curb last night….I was rollin! Funniest episode so far this season!

  51. Nick Hamilton says:

    congrats on the show. How have U been, talk 2 U soon

  52. Andrew Villalobos says:

    I saw you on Curb! You were great! It was one of the best episodes ever!

  53. Hattie Harrison says:

    I saw you on one of my favorite shows!! Awesome!

  54. Eric L. Wade says:

    So I thought I’d give you a lil bit of chocolate, but you cheat on me with some Tanjareen-flavor-LOL!! Great cameo T! looking like Vivica’s twin. Been seeing a lot of Vivica lately, having seen her regularly at Sparks’ games. Smooth ho…w ya raised your head real slow in Larry’s car, Tanj. Great job with your facial expressions, babe!

  55. Liz Lee says:

    Hey you! Just saw you on Curb!!! Work. It. OUT!!!! Oo-oop!

  56. Robert Taylor says:

    Tanjareeeeeeeen!! I’m not a curb fan but I watched it because of you and it was pretty funny. Great job, I hope you are on more episodes.

  57. Donna Wilson Ferguson says:

    Saw you on Curb…funny episode!

  58. Marianne Lynch Fraher says:

    Thanks for helping out Sat nite at the Catholic fundraiser! (It was for the kids!!) You are the best, and somehow get all the guests to drink Jaegermesietr! Great to see you again. Watched you on Curb on Sun night…Love being friends with someone famous.

  59. Carlos Berruz says: