Where my girls at? Where are the OTHER VFGs?

by VFG on September 8, 2009

Where my girls at?  All the VFG girls were too busy to hike today, so Bernadette decided to hike on her own, along with her close friend Alessa, Bernie’s close friend for over 20 years now.


  1. April Mayfield says:

    OMG! How do I keep missing these? I would love to be a guest!

  2. Kam Stunna says:

    In the lyrics of Michael Jackson….”you are not alone….da da da da da”….LOL
    Love ya girl!!!

  3. Cecily says:

    LOL…you had a friend!

  4. Cyprian Onderi says:

    Bernie i have never seen you sad like that…..where are they i bring them back.Wish you well.We are here for ya.

  5. Randal Ezell says:

    Stress free at it’s best!! Live It..!!!

  6. Donald Osborne says:

    nice b!