VFG – Cec, Kam & Bernie (There's no stopping 'Em!)

by VFG on May 12, 2010

At the last minute….the girls decided to hike and enjoy the beautiful weather in Studio City today! They all went on a rampage

of eating anything during Mother’s Day. So, here they are….gettin’ it in 🙂

Joining them,  Bernie’s good friend, Alessa…Being productive is the way to start the week! Stay FIT with the Valleywood Fit Girls!

They’re here to inspire you and motivate you… 🙂

Today’s Episode:


  1. Temeka L Williams says:

    Lookin good ladies! Keep it up!!

  2. Sheila Cox says:

    All you chicks are making me soooooo home sick! I can’t wait to get back to CALI…..*sniff*

  3. Jay Valen says:

    Glad to see your toe didn’t slow you down…Relentless Dedication! (For Bernie)

  4. Tam Dirtyartist Wiggins says:

    Cute pic…..juicy view whew!

  5. Mahasin Regina says:

    I will be in LA this weekend and maybe next I wanna hike with yall!

  6. e22378 says:

    Cec is fine as hell!!!

  7. Mari Morena says:

    Awww this is a sweet shot. (Ebert gives it TWO THUMBS WAY UP)