VFG – Fan Appreciation Day

by VFG on April 24, 2010

Part 1

We want to thank all of our guests who joined us on our hike today. We are so proud of all of you! Good job! :-)

Looking forward to hiking with all of you next month! Until then, keep it positive & stay healthy.



  1. Barboure Margaret Martin says:

    Go head… Go head… Go head…

    Love Mom

  2. Tanjareen says:

    Moonwalkin’ in my big orthapedic-lookin’ Sketchers Shape-ups!

  3. Rodney Jackson says:

    Get it CJ!..lol

  4. Dermar Moses says:

    Damn! Brotha and Sista Re-united again?!? Uh Oh…this spells trouble for everyone else! haha! thanx for the invite! Look forward to doing it again! Go VFG!!

  5. Kam Horne says:

    He’s flying!! Lol! (For Boston)

  6. Benitez Rosario Matias says:

    Work it out!!

  7. Gregory Brown says:

    Whaddup Tanj…

  8. Kam Horne says:

    Boston timed this perfectly…he came over and stretched in the middle of the crowd like he had just finished up an intense ab work out… That’s my boy! LOL!

  9. Janette Renee' Smith says:

    Great shot!

  10. Gregory Brown says:

    Tunnel vision…

  11. LaKesha Nicholes says:

    beautiful friendships! : )

  12. Kam Horne says:

    B & K Stunnas!!!!

  13. Kam Horne says:

    Cute!!! He loves posing for Claudia lol! (For Boston)

  14. Nicole Williams says:

    why does claudia look like a super hero in the middle. lol

  15. Charles Hopkins says:

    Rudi-Mari is very tall here…

  16. Carlos Demond Davis says:

    Now thats Star Power it was a Great Day!!

  17. Charles Hopkins says:

    Powuhhhh, yes!
    Sorry I missed this one, had an auto wreck last night, was ‘handling’ stuff this morn.

  18. Mari Morena says:

    Looks like Boston found a girlfriend

  19. Claudia Jordan says:

    thats my new boyfriend! Cj

  20. Claudia Jordan says:

    awwww I love happy kids! I think I need to have one pretty soon. I’m feeling it… CJ

  21. Cecily Jamelia says:

    The world’s cutest baby ~ Cecily

  22. Colette Worksfromhome says:

    will be with you in spirit :) love LFGC (London Fit Girls Club)

  23. Tasha R. Porter says:

    I had a blast!

  24. Terri West says:

    sorry i missed it today. hope to be there next time! hope you all had fun