VFG is Making Power Moves!

by Bernadette on August 31, 2009

VFG on their way to a pitch meeting….

VFG came up with a new dance called “Gonna WING WING” LMAO

Thoughts after our meeting

And more thoughts….

Paparazzi’s on a look out…LOL

We may, may not always get along…but at the end of the day…we have each other’s back! VFG sistahood


  1. Tanjareen says:

    I’m so proud of how well our meeting went. Wow, you ladies are beautiful, dedicated, eloquent AND intelligent!

    Claudia, you made paparazzi John’s day.

    Meanwhile, we need to trademark my new dance before Chris Brown tries to use it at his next Larry King interview!

  2. Kam Horne says:

    I concur Tanj…”Beautiful Bosses” making power moves!!! Love it!

  3. Madueno Cabral says:

    You Guys are having too much fun..Keep up the motivation..All of you ladies Rock!

  4. John P. Rutledge says:

    Ya’ll look fierce!

  5. Carlos Demond says:

    Looks like a Mix of Pure Beauty!!

  6. Claudia Jordan says:

    Before the pitch meeting—nice we got to capture this moment……

  7. Nacole Williams says:

    B I love your style..Girl you’re doing it! Good luck Ladies!

  8. Gregory Brown says:

    Ms. Kam whatz zup…I know yall went into that Board Room and handled your bizness.

  9. Tanjareen Martin says:

    Ladies, this is the 1st day of the rest of our lives.

  10. Cecily Wiggins says: