VFG's End Of The Summer Group Hike

by VFG on September 19, 2009

A “special thanks” goes out to all of those that joined the Valleywood Fit Girls on our guest hike this past weekend. You guys were  incredible! We’re really looking forward to seeing you again on the next month’s group hike! For those who missed it, please stay tuned as we hope to meet more of you next month! Until then…a healthy body, a healthy mind….a healthy “you” – VFG

We had a blast at this month’s guest hike.  This time we stepped up the workout by having a “Drill Sergeant” come by & lead us in calisthenics.

Guest Hike Testimonials: (Here’s what they’re saying about a VFG workout!)


  1. Troy L. Rawlings says:

    Hi Bernadette. Love the “Superfriends” Hiking pictures! lol y’all are the Truth! I’ll be out there soon

  2. Ava Jadore says:

    I look hella tired but B YOU LOOK GREAT!
    getting in GREAT ENERGY

  3. I would like to say you ladies are very inspiring to a lot of people. Keep it up!!!!

  4. Rhonda West says:

    DANG! You GO! Whoohoo

  5. Rhonda West says:

    My inspiration, although I doubt I’ll ever get to this point.

  6. Carlos Demond says:

    Thanks for inviting me I had a Blast once again :) and Tanj i finally caught one with ya too cool :)

  7. Ava Jadore says:

    Amazing time today, Thanks for the invite see you ladies soon

  8. Alarick T says:

    Look like the group is getting bigger and bigger. I hope to join you all one day soon when I am out that way.

  9. Gail Smith Harris says:

    I had a ball today…And I made it without stopping and even did a little exersize at the top…Thanks for your support!

  10. Valerie Steffes says:

    damn that sounds like fun!!!!

  11. Uniquely Designed says:

    One day I am going to have to come out there and join yall

  12. Donald Raper says:

    That’s hard core right there! Ouch!

  13. Ava Jadore says:

    Hey Mama, it was such a great pleasure meeting you today i had a blast you ladies are truly Phenomenal Women.. Much Love and Respect.

  14. Mic Reed says:

    Hey Girls, sorry we missed this past weekend we see you guys did it big as always we will be there next time for sure.

  15. Carlos Demond says:

    ok ok now as you all know I have been down from day 1! and I have to say im so proud of The ValleywoodFitGirls The video is awesome wow Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the Fitness movement talk about growth!! I just cant say it enough im so proud of you all Bernie CJCec Tanj Kam

    MUCH LOVE!!!

  16. Oliver Boogie Bake Baker says:

    Looked like a lot of fun! Way to work girls!

  17. Carlos Demond says:

    Love the video Bernie!!!

  18. Bernadette says:

    Compliments to Ms. Tanjareen! she did the video…imagine we had 46 videos and had to make it short to what u see! Glad u enjoyed it!!!

  19. Carlos Demond says:

    Well Kudos to Tanj for her skillz and to all the VFG you ladies never cease to amaze

  20. Shondu Lowrance says:

    Love it! VFG is Unstoppable

  21. Jessie Scott says:

    Keep is sexxy and stay on top of your Game..I truly enjoy living vicariously thru your fun adventures..

  22. Prince Nwakor says:

    where is the location of this valley club ???

  23. DAUGNE says:

    I was late getting there and still did the hike i had to pause a few seconds at a time and walk slow but i finished. It was a test..and then yall did sit ups after..ohhhh hellllll..im just kidding i would have done it reluctantly.. but i would have done them. To lose weight , thanks to you all. i am truly inspired.

  24. MaiLan "LuvLan" says:

    Had a great time! Can’t wait for the next one…

  25. Hey Ladies! I had am amazing time with you this past weekend…Thank you for all your knowledge you shared in fitness edumacation…can’t wait til next month..now I know you have footage on me saying I want to sweat…so I am ready for you ladies to show me what u got! Not to much..lol..i am already wussing out..

  26. Kam Horne says:

    Great Job Ladies!!!! Everyone got fit and had fun doing it…gotta love a VFG work out!!!

  27. SavvyChickTV says:

    lol i love it i had so much fun with you ladies.. GREAT ENERGY, AND POSITIVE LADIES.. VFG’S in the Building LOVE U LADIES (From YOUTUBE)

  28. John Calderon says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! I may wanna join in

  29. Claudia Jordan says:

    OMG Tanj- u did ur thing Miss Drill instructor AND the editing. Ur officially the editor of all VFG videos! Glad to see u guys stepping it up and RUNNING more. Walking is good but running is better! I really hope to be in town for the next guest hike. I’d love to have folks join us at Kenneth Hahn Park in LA-let some of our south of wilshire friends come join us-plus LOTS of great trails there… may be we can do this bi-weekly?? Great turnout and loved the high energy. We need to do more 10 minute episodes like this!

  30. Tanjareen says:

    Awww, thanks for all the positive feedback, Claudia! Our guests were awesome & I had fun editing the video. Wait till we get footage of YOU on a guest hike. Now THAT’S gonna be a great episode. And I like the Kenneth Hahn Park idea cause several of our folks live near Ladera. Let’s do this!!