VFG – Special Guest Actress Danielle Nicolet

by VFG on January 9, 2010

Who hikes on a weekend? especially on a Saturday? Well….We do! Valleywood Fit Girls:  Bernadette & Kam along with Actress Danielle Nicolet. You can find her at: www.daniellenicolet.com

Thank you for your love & support Dani! -vfg



  1. Marshas says:

    Looks like a beautiful day for a hike. All of you look in great shape (Twitter)

  2. Bernie says:

    Just wanted to thank Dani for joining Kam & I for today’s hike. We missed Tanj, Cec & Claudia….catch you on the next!!

  3. Clifton Camp says:

    hey bernie…
    happy twenty ten to you and the crew!

  4. Christopher Joyner says:


  5. Kam Horne says:

    It was so nice meeting Danielle, she has a great spirit!!

  6. Kam Horne says:

    LOL @ Bernie & Rascal in the background!!

  7. Cecily Jamelia says:

    Missed you guys too and Danielle! She’s hilarious!

  8. IGotTheChatlogz says:

    Comment on your video: Valleywood Fit Girls – “Dani digging a deeper hole” (July 31, 2009)
    Im obsessed with Danielle Nicolet! It’s a good job I don’t live in the U.S.! I’d get arrested for stalking her! Dreamy!
    MMMMMMMMM! Yummy! She’s beautiful! Tiny too!