VFGs "Someone got SONNED!" Guess who's back on track???

by Claudia on October 6, 2009

Vfgs are always running late…LOL…Kam couldn’t wait another 11 mins ’cause she has an audition in Sta. Monica, so she ended up hiking on her own….

Bernie bumped into Music Producer, Angel Red

Cecily made it! 30 mins late….hahaha….and Claudia sends a message to Kam Stunna….

Kam left us a surprise!….





  1. Eric L. Wade says:

    “Good to see CJ back in the fold after her “worldwind” adventures.:) How the ‘do holding up, Bernie?”

  2. Eric L. Wade says:

    “That’s right, Stunna’s presence is always there, even if in image only-lol!”

  3. Eric L. Wade says:

    “Looking good CJ, fresh after a workout, working out on new deals.”

  4. Shearill Brown says:

    This is a great picture of you both. Good friendship you can tell. 2 Sexy and down to earth ladies!

  5. Ulrich A. Vouama says:

    Des belle dames!

  6. Gregory Brown says:

    “Swooshless? Imma have to talk with Phil Knight tomorrow over lunch LOL”

  7. Johan Somosai says:

    i need to workout with u.. realk talk!!!!

  8. Ava Jadore says:

    “Very Nice head Shot.. http://www.facebook.com/l/d33d3;beautifulsista.com hahaha”

  9. Kam stunna says:

    LMAO!!!! You and Bernie abusing my headshot is hilarious!!! Dang CJ, they were gonna suspend you from your own show and make you call in like a fan?? LOL! Bernie…lesss be honest about you making my innocent headshot kiss your bum! I really am sorry I missed y’all though. CJ, I’m tryin to work so I can become a real estate mogul like you dog, so take my “sonning ” you as a compliment. Hahaaaa!

  10. Johan Somosa says:

    “Hard work does pay off!!!!! =)”

  11. Claudia says:

    haha Kam we violated your picture-but you know it was all in jest! Hilarious to see ur 8 by 10 in the windshield. Hope u booked it girl!
    Claudia 🙂

  12. Tanjareen says:

    Wow, Kam is one bold b**ch!

    Love the headshot, girl.

  13. Tanjareen says:

    Damn Claudia went hard on Kam…& on Cecily.

    LOL @ the coyote & the squirrel comments.

    Nice earrings, Cec.

    Great hair, Bernie! (Too great for a damned hike!) VFG – Tanjareen

  14. Bernadette says:

    CLASSIC! my friends ROCK! like my “MO-Rock” (Mohawk) LOL

  15. Cecily Wiggins says:

    lol…watching these are so fun now..I don’t remember any of this stuff taking place!