Vitamins: Which are Weight Loss Worthy?

by Tanjareen on September 8, 2009

Hi ValleywoodFit Girls,
Any of u have suggestions as far as vitamins/supplements for weight loss to combine w/ my diet & exercise??

no-pillsDear Vita-Searcher,
Good for you for combining diet & exercise to reach your weight loss goals!  As far as vitamins go, there aren’t any that I specifically recommend.  Most bottled vitamins are not as good for us as they appear.  (Refer to my article on this site: “VEGGIE VIXEN VISION: Supplement Schmupplement” for more details.)  As the vegetarian VFG of the bunch, my advice is to eat a variety of fruits & veggies to ensure you get all the nutrients your body needs.  The great thing about produce is, we can eat as much of it as we like & still lose weight! (As long as we don’t beer-batter it & smother it in cheese) 🙂
Now I know when it comes to eating fruits & veggies its easier said than done, so here are a few tips on how to incorporate more produce into your diet:
  • wash your fruit as soon as u buy it & place it on a bowl for easy access
  • eat fruit for dessert
  • drink fresh fruit smoothies as a meal or snack
  • consume at least 1 large salad per day w/ all the organic produce, raisins, & nuts you can cram on it
  • buy bagged organic salad mix to make salad-making easier
  • carry fresh fruit, dried fruit, or unsalted nuts with you for your commute or for your work breaks
  • drink real 100% fruit juice instead of fruit ‘drinks’, sodas, or energy drinks
  • snack on a variety of raw veggies dipped in guacamole &/or salsa
  • add vegetables to your pizzas, casseroles, & soups
  • buy vegetable stir-fry packages in the bag to make meal prep time faster.
  • ENJOY eating fruit & veggies!  Don’t think of it as some awful diet.

Please keep us posted on your progress,
VFG Tanjareen
“Too Vain To Gain”


  1. De'Andrea Nichole says:

    Thank you Tanj for this great insight. I definitely agree with you about vitamins/supplements for weightloss. I know personally how they can literally wreck your body and what harm most of them can cause you. Earlier this year I was taking a weightloss supplement to help me reach my goals when it came to weightloss “or so I thought”. I did get the results I wanted but health problems quickly began to knock at my door afterwards. Little did I know ALL of the horrible side effects that this supplement does to your body. I usually do my research about a product before I use it but seeing that a family member gave it to me to use, plus seeing their own results…I didn’t think it could be harmful at all. Long story short, I’ve never been to the doctor so many times in my 27 years of living than I did after taking these pills. So, be careful when it comes to taking weightloss supplements. We only get ONE body, so do all you can to take care of it. Also, stick to exercising on a regular basis. Whether that is walking 20-30 mins a day or going to the gym and working out. Eat plenty of veggies and fruits because like you said…that is the best source to get all the vitamins our bodies need. Again, thank you Tanj and VFG for your continued motivation and positivity. I had to tell my story so another woman or man wouldn’t make the same mistake I did.

    Lots of love and blessings,