You're invited to our End of Summer Guest Hike!

by Cecily on September 13, 2009

Valleywood’s End of Summer Fit Girls Club Hike

All of you reasonably fit men, women and children (10 & up preferably) regardless of race, creed or color. If you are under the care of a physician we strongly advise that you ask your doctor if you are healthy enough to hike with us.

Saturday, September 19th at 10:30am -11:45pm
Please note we will only be waiting for 15 minutes. No cell phone numbers will be given, so please arrive early! The hike should take about 45 minutes for most moderately healthy people.

Where: 3431 Fryman Canyon Road, Studio City 91614
Fryman Canyon – This three-mile, round-trip hike through Lila Wilacre Estate Park in Los Angeles’ Fryman Canyon, takes you from the San Fernando Valley floor to the top of the Hollywood Hills. The park, once the estate of a silent film star, is part of the Betty B. Dearing Trail, an ambitious attempt to create a hiking trail that extends from Griffith Park to the Pacific Ocean. Wilacre Park is located a half-mile south of Ventura Blvd. just off Laurel Canyon Blvd. at 3431 Fryman Canyon Road in Studio City. There is a large dirt parking lot located at the trailhead and the hike offers breathtaking valley views as you rise ever higher.


How should I dress?
Shorts and tank tops are appropriate. Hats and/or sunglasses, or if you are like Bernie, sport both. Regular tennis shoes are fine.

What do I bring?
– A napsack, small backpack or fannypack to carry your personal items
– Three dollars cash for parking in the in the lot, but there is limited street parking available if you arrive early
– Your cameras so you can share your photos and inspire your friends
– Those prone to overheating should bring plenty of water
– A great attitude

Where do we tinkle?
We are not hiking in the wilderness. It’s Studio City!! So YES, there is a bathroom and water fountains on the trail for your convenience.

Can I promote my business/products at your event?
We welcome any sponsors who can aid us in effort. However, our guest hikes are not a platform to promote your products. Business cards are definitely okay, but please do not just show up with samples, catalogs, or the intention to distribute any promotional materials without prior consent. Those who ignore this rule will not be allowed to hike…well we don’t own the trail, but we won’t be happy about it, and we are record a VFG diss video in your honor! Please be respectful of what we are trying to do!

Are you trained professionals? Is anyone certified to do CPR?
We have several talents, but saving lives ain’t on the list! Please note that we are not trained fitness professionals and will not have any first aid kits nor are we certified to perform any medical procedures. If you are undergoing health challenges, please bring a hiking buddy with you just in case you need to break away from the group, and sit a spell. We will wait for those who are winded, we just want to make sure you have good company should you need a looooong break.

Will you take pictures of guest hikers?
Um duh! That’s what we do! The VFGs will take tons of pictures and conduct interviews before and after the hike. Photos will live on Facebook and our blog. Bring your cameras so you can share your footage with family and friends.

With all that said, we really hope to see you there!

Valleywood Fit Girls Club

“Too Vain to Gain”
If we can do it, so can you!



  1. Bernadette says:

    I will see y’all there!!! until then…keep it productive this week!

  2. April Mayfield says:

    Oh goodie!!!! I’m excited about this. I have been wanting to attend a guest walk!!!!!You ladies are motivating!!!

  3. Brian Dale Pearson says:

    Sorry we will be at the Mayweather fight in Vegas..

  4. Trina M. Lewis says:

    Great idea! Im a certified fitness instructor & CPR/FIRST AID/AED. This time conflicts with my schedule…ever consider a bit earlier (9am) please let me know. I’ll be glad to help out! GO LADIES:-)

  5. -Kj CelebrityPhotographer Anderson (Detroit, MI) says:

    Thanks for the invitation! Much success & many blessings!

  6. Tonette Lansdowne says:

    I have to work! Enjoy a couple of jogs for me! :-)

  7. Nacole Williams says:

    I will be there! Valley Fit Girls look out! Bring your water bottles, inhalers, crutches, and wheelchairs.

  8. Kevin A Whitney says:

    out of town thanks peace kevin w.

  9. Sharee Griffin says:

    Yall have some complete torn ligaments in a left knee work outs? Gotta support the handicap

  10. Jamie Nieto says:

    I will have to catch yall on the next hike…I wont be back home until the 21st… :( Have fun though…

  11. Mahala Wiggins (New York, NY) says:

    Cali is to far away

  12. James Marsh (Australia) says:

    ill be there in spirit

  13. Javen JavenMusic says:

    like the cecily girl.. she’s nice.. :)

  14. Fabiola Maria Calixte says:

    I definitely want to come out this time Cecily if I’m in town… I’ll text you if I get back in time.

  15. Destine Fashiondesty says:


  16. Rfcpp Rowell says:

    Will be out of town, thanks for the invite!

  17. Taiwo Lawrence (Atlanta, GA) says:

    Would love to come..But it’s going to be a long trek from Atlanta!!..Enjoy!!

  18. Mahasin Regina Saleem (Orange County, CA) says:

    The babies have been bugging me to come back so we were going to do this week or next so this is perfect.. I’m there

  19. Sara Aranda-Lawson says:

    a hike? sounds fun. wish i could be there

  20. Spirit Runfree (San Francisco, CA) says:

    Thanks so much for the invite. I would like to take a raincheck. Much love, peace, and happiness!

  21. Devon Borden says:

    Ok so because that hike invitation is so detailed, I’m going to join the club for this Sat, complements to whoever wrote up the invitation lol

  22. Carlos Demond says:

    on my way!!

  23. Amber Murphy says:

    Sorry something came up. I flaked but I will be at the next one.

  24. Natasha Medina says:

    When is the next hike? I slept in since i got not sleep last night. (Worry)

  25. Gregory Brown says:

    My flight got delayed :)

  26. Jenna Fallica says:

    Missed it :( When’s the next one! I’ll be there for sure!

  27. Mindy Kreis says:

    You gals Rock!