Pescetarian Challenge – Day #1 for Bernie: One VFG Member Falls Off!

by VFG on August 1, 2009

One VFG Member Falls Off!

No sooner than we DECIDE that we are NOT going to eat meat this week, Claudia catches one of the VFG girls is caught ordering poultry! Oh the shame!

Little did we realize, Bernie openly filmed herself ordering a TURKEY melt earlier that day!

LOL! Come on Bernie, you can do it!

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  1. Jerry P says:

    Hilarious! Damn? Bernie couldn’t last a day! Keep up the good work ladies! You are inspiring us all the way in Florida! – J

  2. terry marsh says:

    It’s OK Bernie…Just finish strong cuttie….

  3. claudiajordan7 says:

    hahahahahaha! SHE GOT BUSTED! And I NEVER GO TO THAT restaurant EVER that’s why this is soooo funny! I walked in and saw the VERY cleaned plate. WOW—-we soooo need a reality show. Too many laughs….
    “The Poultry Police”

    PS I am in Vegas and just had room service-Fish and Chips-I peeled most of the batter off

  4. Bernadette says:

    Guilty as Sin 🙁
    I’m doing good so far after Miss Poultry Police caught me….I was so “consciously” feeling bad after that and I’ve been doing good with what I’m eating for 2 days now….stay tuned….
    So because I don’t eat fish, a trainer I spoke2 yesterday said I can eat “egg whites”
    I’ll have that with my salad 2nt…my lunch today, a bag of walnuts & cranberries :-(((

  5. Cecily says:

    LOL…little did we know she admitted to a Tuna sandwich too!

  6. Kam says:

    Haaaaahaaaa!!!!!!! Dang! Claudia’s everywhere!! I decided to go on and start my fish diet on Saturday because I was scared Claudia was gonna pop up in Bakersfield somehow and put me on blast too!! Lmao!

  7. E.L.W says:

    It had to be B! LOL! Dang, first Morton’s, then ya couldn’t last the 1st round with a quesadilla? Que paso, Bernisita? Like the true carnivore ya are=) . B, you’re a role model now, as founding sister of the VFG, ya gotta set the example, babe! If ya need protein that bad just get a nut…………