VFG Sisters supporting each other!

by Bernadette on October 12, 2009

The VFGs supporting fellow VFG member Cecily at her LAUNCH MONDAYS. This is what sisterhood is all about!

Claudia arriving at the event….(Someone has been feeling giddy lately!!! ummmmm…..) who’s making this Beauty Queen smile?

Tanjareen wanting to ride a horse!

Claudia joining Tanj on a horse ride too…





  1. Claudia says:

    OMG I look too damn goofy!

  2. Lamont M A Burley says:

    lovely the whole bunch of u ladies

  3. Cecily Wiggins says:

    HAHAHAHAHHA. I love you guys! Thanks for supporting!

  4. Tina Divina says:

    cayutesyy cayute.. =}

  5. Tina Divina says:

    Love this… ya’ll look hot! (Tanjareen & Bernie)

  6. Cecily Wiggins says:

    My LM looks retarded

  7. Tina Divina says:

    yeah what wereeee we doin? lol… (Responding to Cecily’s LM sign)

  8. Lamonte Jordan says:

    “Yes! HOt-Ta-Def;)”

  9. Eric L. Wade says:

    Well aren’t we a pair-LOL! Glad to finally meet you face to face, B! You’re better than advertised on FB. Hope you didn’t notice I was a tad shy, but not when it comes to givin’ out nice, big teddy bear hugs 😉 Luv the pic! We should work on some photo project together. (For Bernadette)

  10. Bernadette says:


  11. Cyprian Onderi says:

    If i was a gal……..I love you all and miss you always.

  12. Tanjareen says:

    Thanks Tina. Thanks Lamonte.

  13. Tanjareen says:

    If u was a gal, Cyprian? Where are you going with that?

  14. Cyprian Onderi says:

    Tanj i would dress and smile like yah…I just love you people so much

  15. Cyprian Onderi says:

    Cec what were you trying to do…lol.I will try it out also. (LM sign)

  16. Tanjareen says:

    I was teaching them to throw up “L.M.” for Launch Mondays

  17. Cyprian Onderi says:

    sure i see you got it right…but my lovely Cec…lol we will have to do some practise.Ceccccc. (LM sign)

  18. Cyprian Onderi says:

    Whooooh the original VFG crew…I cant say why,but i can’t say what it is….i love seeing you all together.You look stunning.Its like a Jigsaw…lol.Love you all.

  19. Tanjareen says:

    Yaaay! We have a group photo with Tina Divina in it!

    BEAUTIFUL, ladies!

  20. Eric L. Wade says:

    No prob! That’s what the event is all about: networking. Everybody at the spot getting some biz taken care of and working on getting some new biz rolling. The side benefit is everybody tends to be cool with each other and you end making great friendships in biz and in life. I have a feeling we’ll be cool folks for a long, long time. Savor the flavor! (For Bernie)

  21. Cyprian Onderi says:

    Was expecting somehow to see Tanj do something…nice one .lol (Dana carrying Tanj)

  22. Tanjareen says:

    Ha haaa! My knight came to save me from that dangerous horse. (Dana carrying Tanj)

  23. Cyprian Onderi says:

    You are so good in it.when in training with vfg or in a dinner out or with Cosby.am sure natural born actor

  24. Tanjareen says:

    Whatchu trying to say, Cyprian? I’m always actin’ up?…Wait till u see the footage of me riding the horse!

  25. Cyprian Onderi says:

    lol…….oh my my gosh my stomach hurts.Who can afford to hate yah.Do comedy please. (Dana carrying Tanj)

  26. Carlos Berruz says:

    The two of you look fly! (For Tanj & B!)

  27. Kelli Anderson says:

    “FLY, beautiful ladies!! Live ya life, sweeties!!”

  28. Kelli Anderson says:

    Awww…what an ADORABLE pic of the two of you!! (For Bernie & Brandon)

  29. Tanjareen says:

    Niiiice! What are y’all waiting on to go half on a baby? (For Bernie & Brandon)

  30. Gregory Brown says:

    Ok who left the latch open to the bank vault…where’s security.

  31. Eric L. Wade says:

    Ya know we gotta re-shoot! No Stunna! Pleasure to watch y’all hold it down at the spot. Glad it came out B, I thought the pic was outta focus.

  32. Sharee Griffin says:

    Niiiiiiiice!!! Yall roll wit some fine ass men, but again i ask…. Where was I? LoL

  33. Bernadette says:

    you’re both beautiful! (For Nikole & Tina)

  34. Nikole Deneice says:

    awww thanks B!

  35. René Luamba says:

    you’are vey very very super beautiful Bernadette.

  36. Sherlyn Wallace says:

    you and all of your friends are very pretty.